Prayer Times

This prayer starts off the day with the remembrance of God; it is performed before sunrise.

After the day’s work has begun, one breaks shortly after noon to again remember God and seek His guidance.

In the late afternoon, people take a few minutes to remember God and the greater meaning of their lives.

Just after the sun goes down, Muslims remember God again as the day begins to come to a close.

Before retiring for the night, Muslims again take the time to remember God’s presence, guidance, mercy, and forgiveness.

Shamim Sheikhani

Founded in 2019 we celebrate the life of Shamim Sheikhani and honor her memory,
by continuing her work in service to our community.  The Shamim Sheikhani Foundation’s
fundamental and guiding principles are for the betterment of people with our relief and aid
programs for any in need

We provide hope, sanctuary, and peace of mind with full-service food kitchens,
donations of food & clothing, bill assistance, financial assistance, medical aid relief,
as well as restaurants providing free food to the public along with other various services and avenues.

Our Philosophy


Faith in Islam is acceptance of the belief in the Unity of Allah Almighty


Hope is the source of light for those who yearn to have the best in all things.

We pray together, we break our fast together, Islam is community
Being in service to others is the duty of every Muslim

There is nothing greater than the gift we give those who cannot do for themselves







We understand that there is a community which makes barely enough to scrape by and we are fighting to ensure that this minority is aided with maximum impact to their long-term improvement. 

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There are so many people around the world that are without basic human needs

“Allah said: ‘Spend, O son of Adam, and I shall spend on you.'”

A man is not a believer who fills his stomach while his neighbour is hungry

A Legacy of Life and Giving

Shamim Sheikhani set out to fulfill a dream, a dream of a world in which everyone can thrive and prosper together.  She stayed positive, uplifting, and always found the strength to do more.  She gave to her community a mother’s love, buying clothes, paying bills, medical expenses, and even going as far to aid those paying for their education.

Self Funded
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The Shamim Sheikhani Foundation accepts NO donations of any kind.

Committed to Charity
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We are 100% committed to contributing to the community

Non Profit
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We are a strictly nonprofit organization funded solely by the Sheikhani group.