Mission Statement

Founded in 2019 we celebrate the life of Shamim Sheikhani and honor her memory by continuing her work in service to our community.  The Shamim Sheikhani Foundation’s fundamental and guiding principles are to the betterment of people with our relief and aid programs for any in need.

We provide hope, sanctuary, and peace of mind with full service food kitchens, donations of food & clothing, bill assistance, financial assistance, medical aid relief, as well as restaurants providing free food to the public along with other various services and avenues.

When we give people what they need, God gives us what we need.

― Shamim  Sheikhani


The people we serve are those affected by income inequality. Many of these people have explored various government programs just to be turned down because they failed to meet inconsequential criteria. We are not just fighting an income gap, but a failing acceptance rate as well


Securing a Brighter Tomorrow

The Shamim Sheikhani Foundation is a non profit organization dedicated to the support of low-income and displaced people in deficient circumstances. In addition, we also provide programs and services aimed at helping families achieve long-term stability including a free food kitchen, medical aid, financial assistance, and bill assistance programs.

Our Vision is Built by Hope


Honor and Integrity


Openness and Opportunities


People and Partnerships


Excellence for Everyone

Kindness is a basic necessity and a human right
that should be readily accessible to everyone.  We are the helping hands
laying the foundation on which a house of hope rests on.


The Shamim Sheikhani Foundation accepts NO donations of any kind.

Commited to Charity

We are 100% committed to contributing to the community

Non Profit

We are a strictly nonprofit organization funded solely by the Sheikhani Group.