Shamim Sheikhani Biography

“Be steadfast in prayer and regular in charity. Whatever good you send forth for your souls before you, you shall find it with Allah.” (2:110)

There is nothing greater than the gift we give those who cannot do for themselves. Because it is not just what we do, but also how we live that carries on for a thousand generations. There are not enough words to fully detail the generosity of the late Shamim Sheikhani, but her legacy continues to this day and with every smile, with every thank you, and every life we change, we are reminded of her memory and the lessons she exemplified.

Shamim Sheikhani was born on May 14th, 1958 in the capital city of Karachi, Pakistan. A strong willed woman devoted to her teachings of muslim faith, Shamim Sheikhani was very well educated, very sincere, honest, and held on to her strong values of faith, education, honor, integrity, and family. Her passion was mostly reserved to the people in her life and the community. She married Hussain Sheikhani of 36 years, and together they had 3 children.

“Who begged? They get the money. Who are rich, they have the money. But the middle class people who cannot ask anybody because of their respect, they are the most needy people.” – Shamim Sheikhani on charity, community, and people.

Shamim Sheikhani set out to fulfill a dream, a dream of a world in which everyone can thrive and prosper together. She stayed positive, uplifting, and always found the strength to do more. She gave to her community a mother’s love, buying clothes, paying bills, medical expenses, and even going as far to aid those paying for their education. She gave us the teaching to create a name for ourselves better than anyone can imagine, to always advance and to never accept defeat of any form. One of her happiest memories was when her son Ali Sheikhani opened his first business The Sheikhani Group in 2009, in Houston, Texas which still stands to this day. Much of her business knowledge is survived by her children which we model most of our work after.

We honor Shamim Sheikhani’s memory by opening our doors in 2019 and continuing her dedicated service to the people of every community. On behalf of the entire foundation we would like to say, “Thank you for the gifts you have shared with us, and though you may not be with us here today in body. Your spirit is the leading force reminding us that every day is a moment to change one life. For if we can make at least one difference a day, we change a thousand lives.”

Sincerely, The Shamim Sheikhani Foundation and The Sheikhani Group