How We Serve

We provide hope, sanctuary, and peace of mind with full service food kitchens, donations of food & clothing, bill assistance, financial assistance, medical aid relief, as well as restaurants providing free food to the public along with other various services and avenues.

Free Food Kitchen

Our Free Food Kitchen will be giving free box meals everyday through the month of Ramadan for those in need

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Financial Assistance

We offer financial assistance in many different areas of need for people. This includes bill assistance, financial assistance, and medical aid relief.

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This is the pillar of the foundation since it is always about helping the less fortunate in our community in any way we can.

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How You Can Help

We understand that there is a community which makes barely enough to scrape by and we are fighting to ensure that this minority is aided with maximum impact to their long-term improvement. The Shamim Sheikhani Foundation does not accept any donations from other entities or individuals and is funded solely by the generosity of the Sheikhani Group. We value and cherish your want and need to donate but kindly request that your service in volunteering is just as valuable. We accept all applicants regardless of race, creed, religious belief, age, and other identifiers.